PGPfone - Pretty Good Privacy Phone

What is it?

PGPfone (Pretty Good Privacy Phone) is a software package that turns your desktop or notebook computer into a secure telephone. It uses speech compression and strong cryptography protocols to give you the ability to have a real-time secure telephone conversation. Secure voice calls are supported over the Internet, or through a direct modem-to-modem connection, or even over AppleTalk networks.

PGPfone 1.0 is freeware. It is available for both Macintosh (1.0b7) and Windows 95/NT (1.0b2).

PGPfone 2.x is a commercial product, but NAI has shown no interest in it, so it is probably O.K. to use it anyway. If you want to contribute to PGPfone development, please look here.

Download PGPfone:

* PGPfone 1.0 manual (MS Word format)
* PGPfone 1.0 manual (PDF format)
* PGPfone 1.0b2 for Windows 95/NT (requires mfc40.dll and msvcrt40.dll)
* PGPfone 1.0b7 for Macintosh
* PGPfone 2.1 for Windows (incl. source)
* PGPfone 2.1 source code for Macintosh

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