PGPdisk is a program that lets you create encrypted disk partitions. Earlier, PGPdisk was a stand-alone program, but it is now integrated with PGP. PGPdisk is included with PGPfreeware 6.0.2i, which you can download here:

* Download PGP 6.02i for MacOS @
* Download PGP 6.02i for Windows 95/98/NT @

As of version 6.5, PGPdisk is not longer included with the freeware versions. If you want PGPdisk 6.5 or later, you are required to buy one of the commercial versions. If you want to test it before you buy it, you may download the evaluation version [Windows|Mac]. It is also possible to compile PGPdisk yourself from the PGP 6.5.1i source code [Windows].

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