EBP (Even Better Privacy)

We are about to release a freeware crypto-program that is based on PGP 2.6.3i. It features:

  • choice of algorithms:
    • Rabin's public key scheme or RSA
    • SAFER or IDEA
    • HAVAL or MD5
  • a more efficient modexp-function.
  • choice of length of message digest (max 256) and number of passes in HAVAL.
  • Miller-Rabin primetests combined with Fermat's test.
  • You can choose extra primetests.
  • You can choose the Goodprime-function without re-compiling.
  • Compatible with PGP, you can import your old secret key and extract public keys/encrypt/sign in PGP format.
We have called the program EBP - Even Better Privacy (version 2.7), so that the authors of PGP will not be blamed if any bugs are detected.

This program is part of our thesis and we will not have our oral presentation until August this year. That is why we would like people to try it out and report any bugs and give suggestions to us so that we can defend our work properly.


Niklas Jarl <e92nja@efd.lth.se>
Jonas Löfgren <e92jl@efd.lth.se>

EBP can be downloaded here:

* Download EBP source code

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