Newsgroups in English

* alt.anonymous Discussion of anonymity and anon remailers
* alt.anonymous.messages For anonymous encrypted message transfer
* alt.privacy General discussions on privacy
* alt.privacy.clipper Clipper, Capstone, Skipjack, Key Escrow
* General discussions on security
* Key distribution via Usenet
* Discussions of RIPEM
* alt.society.civil-liberty General civil liberties, including privacy
* News reports from EFF
* Discussion of EFF related issues
* comp.patents Discussion of S/W patents, including RSA
* comp.risks Some mention of crypto and wiretapping
* Announcements of security holes
* comp.society.privacy General privacy issues
* Software patents, copyrights, computer laws
* sci.crypt Methods of data encryption/decryption
* sci.math General math discussion
* talk.politics.crypto Cryptography in a political context

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