PGP Reference by Kurt Huwig
Here is a 'reference card' for PGP 2.6.x. I thought this was missing in the documentation. Also some of the features were missing in the documentation, such as '-km' that displays the "web of trust".
I think a lot of questions in could be answered by this.

Kurt Huwig

PGP Reference
History:v1.0Oct 6th 1995
Modifiers:a:ASCII armor file, create a radix-64 armored file with CRC
b:generate separate signature-file
f:filter mode, get data from stdin and put data to stdout
i:VMS only: same as 't'
l:verbose output, same as +VERBOSE=2
m:encrypt: 'for you eyes only'
decrypt: display file using 'more' and ask for save
o:specify outputfile '-o outputfile'
p:preserve filenames, restore original filename when encrypted with '-a'
t:use textmode for output
u:specify userid '-u userid'
z:specify a password '-z password' on the command line
Commands:?:display help
c:conventional encryption, with IDEA
d:decrypt only, leaves signatures in the plaintext
e:encrypt file
h:display help
k:display help for key-commands
ka:add keyfile to ring
kc:key check, check signatures and backup rings
kd:disable/revoke key
ke:edit key
kg:generate a key
km:maitenance pass, display web-of-trust
kr:remove keys/signatures
ks:sign key
kv:display matching keys
kvv:display matching keys and their signatures
kx:extract key
s:sign file
w:wipe file
file is filled with 0 and then deleted works also as
a modifier when encrypting, then the plaintext file is deleted

Long options:b: accepts ON/OFF
c: command line only
n: accepts a number
s: accepts a string
b ARMOR:same as '-a'
n ARMORLINES:limit for files, splits files when longer 0=disable split
s BAKRING:filename of keyring backup, used for '-kc'
bc BATCHMODE:do not ask for anything
n CERT_DEPTH:how deep introducers may be nested (0-8)
s CHARSET:select character set
b CLEARSIG:leave signed messages as clear text
s COMMENT:add a comment to all pgp files
n COMPLETES_NEEDED:number of completely trusted signatures to trust a new key (1-4)
b COMPRESS:compress output file if possible
b ENCRYPTTOSELF:allow decryption of encrypted file by yourself also
bc FORCE: force "Yes" as answer to all questions
b INTERACTIVE:ask for configmation for key adds
b KEEPBINARY:keep binary ciphertext files after decrypting
s LANGUAGE:select language
n LEGAL_KLUDGE:enable/disable compatibility to pgp-version before 2.6
bc MAKERANDOM:generate new randseed-file
n MARGINALS_NEEDED:number of marginally trusted signatures to trust a new key (1-...)
s MYNAME:select default userid for signatures
bc NOMANUAL:generate keys without the manual installed
s PAGER:pager for plaintext displaying
s PUBRING:specify public key ring
s RANDSEED:filename for random number seed
s SECRING:specify secret key ring
b SHOWPASS:display password when entered
b TEXTMODE:same as '-t'
s TMP:specify directory for temporary files
n TZFIX:adjust timezone
n VERBOSE:verbose output (0=quiet, 1=not quiet, 2=verbose)

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