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  L. Buttyán, L. Dóra, M. Félegyházi, I. Vajda
Barter-based cooperation in delay-tolerant personal wireless networks
In Proceedings of the First IEEE WoWMoM Workshop on Autonomic and Opportunistic Communications, IEEE Computer Society Press, 2007, IEEE Computer Society Press, June.

abstract  In this paper, we consider the application of delay-tolerant networks to personal wireless communications. In these networks, selfish nodes can exploit the services provided by other nodes by downloading messages that interest them, but refusing to store and distribute messages for the benefit of other nodes. We propose a mechanism to discourage selfish behavior based on the principles of barter. We develop a game-theoretic model in which we show that the proposed approach indeed stimulates cooperation of the nodes. In addition, the results show that the individually most beneficial behavior leads to the social optimum of the system.