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  G. Ács, L. Buttyán
A taxonomy of routing protocols for wireless sensor networks
Híradástechnika, 2006, December.

abstract  Wireless sensor networks are large scale networks consisting of a large number of tiny sensor nodes and a few base stations, which communicate using multi-hop wireless communications. The design of energy efficient routing protocols for such networks is a challenging task, which has been in the focus of the sensor network research community in the recent past. This effort resulted in a huge number of sensor network routing protocols. The proposed protocols show a high variety, which stems from the diverse requirements of the various envisioned application scenarios. In this work, we propose a taxonomy of sensor network routing protocols, and classify the mainstream protocols proposed in the literature using this taxonomy. We distinguish five families of protocols based on the way the next hop is selected on the route of a message, and briefly describe the operation of a representative member from each group.