Books about PGP and encryption

The following is a list of books about PGP. They provide in-depth information about various aspects of PGP, encryption and security.

The Official PGP User's Guide, also translated into German
by Philip R. Zimmermann
MIT Press 1995
ISBN 0-262-74017-6
216 pp. $14.95

PGP: Source Code and Internals
by Philip R. Zimmermann
MIT Press 1995
ISBN 0-262-24039-4
900 pp. $60.00

PGP: Pretty Good Privacy, also translated into German, French and Japanese
by Simson Garfinkel
O'Reilly & Associates 1994
ISBN 1-56592-098-8
430 pp. $24.95

Protect Your Privacy: The PGP User's Guide
by William Stallings
Prentice Hall PTR 1995
ISBN 0-13-185596-4
302 pp. $19.95

Applied Cryptography: Protocols, Algorithms, and Source Code in C
2nd Edition, by Bruce Schneier
Wiley Publishing 1996
ISBN 0-471-11709-9

E-Mail Security with PGP and PEM: How to Keep Your Electronic Mail Private, also translated into Japanese
by Bruce Schneier
Wiley Publishing 1995
ISBN 0-471-05318-X

The Computer Privacy Handbook: A Practical Guide to E-Mail Encryption, Data Protection, and PGP Privacy Software
by Andre Bacard
Peachpit Press 1995
ISBN 1-56609-171-3

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